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th▓e top shelf he his telescope, ●compass and Bible; on the middle tier lies his c●orrespondence which consists only of his pen▓sion envelope; on the bottom tier, wit▓h tremendous gravity, lies a chamb▓er-pot which is always referred to as ‘the ●heirloom’, and to which is attached a mysteriou▓s story which he will one day confide to m●e.The room is lit by one weak electric-●light bulb and a cluster of rush lights st▓anding in a niche which also houses an▓ earthenware jar full of cool drinking water.T▓he one uncurtained window looks blindly out u●pon a sad peeling wall of mud.Lying in▓ bed with the smoky feeble glare ●of the night-lights glinting in● the glass of his compass — lyin●g in bed after midnight with the brandy throbbin●g in his skull he reminds me of some ancient we▓dding

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-cake, waiting only for someone● to lean forward and blow out the candles! His ▓last remark at night, when one has seen him sa▓fely to bed and tucked him in — apart from the ▓vulgar ‘Kiss Me Hardy’ whic▓h is always accompa

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nied by a leer and ▓a popped cheek — is more ser▓ious.‘Tell me honestly’ he says.‘Do I loo▓k my age’ Frankly Scobie looks anybody’s ag●e; older than the birth of tra●gedy, younger than the Athenian dea▓th.Spawned in th

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e Ark by a chance meeting and ▓mating of the bear and the ostrich; delivered ▓before term by the sickening grunt of the keel ●on Ararat.Scobie came forth ▓from the womb in a wheel chair wit●h rubber tyres, dressed in a deer-s